Tangent Strings Rates for 2020:

Performance Rates

Tangent Strings Quartet: R3100 per hour.
Tangent Strings Trio: R2400 per hour.
Tangent Strings Duo: R1700 per hour.
Tangent Strings Solo: R900 per hour.

Minimum booking duration: 2 hours. Longer bookings are charged pro-rata for part hours.

Travelling Rates
A travelling fee of R4.00 per kilometre is levied for travel to venues that are outside the Durban area. When budgeting, don't forget that the round trip distance is double the venue distance from Durban.

Some sample travelling fees for popular venues:

Ballito - 100km round trip - R400| Nottingham Road / Midlands area - 300km round trip - R1200 | Drakensberg - 500km round trip - R2000

Typical budget figures for a 2 hour booking:

Quartet: Drakensberg - R8200, Midlands - R7400, Ballito - R6600
Trio: Drakensberg - R6800, Midlands - R6000, Ballito - R5200
Duo: Drakensberg - R5400, Midlands - R4600, Ballito - R3800
Solo: Drakensberg - R3800, Midlands - R3000, Ballito - R2200

Special String Arrangements
Should you require us to perform musical pieces or songs that are not part of our repertoire, we need you to provide sheet music arrangements for the pieces in the ensemble format agreed.

Alternatively, we can produce a special arrangement for you at the following rates:

Quartet: R1000 per song.
Trio: R800 per song.
Duo: R600 per song.
Solo: R200 per song.

Larger ensembles (e.g. quartet) require more complex arrangements which take longer to arrange, so the rates correspond accordingly.
Note that arrangements take time to produce, so we require at least 3 weeks notice in order to schedule the arrangements.

Securing Your Booking
Once we receive your initial enquiry, we will email you a formal quotation and make a provisional booking in our calendar if we are available. Both the quotation and provisional booking have a 30 day validity, after which time our calendar is then open again for bookings. Many brides book us more than a year in advance! The popular 'wedding season' is March to June and August to December, so if you are considering getting married in these periods it's best to secure your booking early to avoid someone else getting there first. On receipt of a 50% deposit of the quoted amount, your quotation will be upgraded to an invoice, the booking will be upgraded to confirmed and the calendar date firmly reserved. The outstanding balance is payable via EFT before the day of the event.

Free Consultation
Once your booking is confirmed, as part of our package we offer a free consultation where you can meet us face to face to discuss and finalise the fine detail regarding your musical requirements. If you can't meet us face to face (for example you are too far away) we can arrange a skype session.

Visit the Contact page to contact us for more information.